Thanks for visiting my website. A domainname is a necessity nowadays for many coding projects. You’ll find an overview of my web and app projects.

My Flight Info

Android and iOS app which shows flight information based on flights in the users calendar. Information is found on CDM Mobile and KLM websites. My flight info can send a pushmessage at a set time before the flight.

Find the app on the Google Play Store
The iOS version is available on the iTunes Appstore.

If you're using KLM WINGS to import your roster, and you've selected this calendar in MyFlightInfo, you might get a lot of "Status:Unable to find info on this flight" displayed or pushed. KLM WINGS, depending on your import settings, changes the calendar event start time to the reporting time. This causes the "Status:Unable to find info on this flight" message.
To solve the problem. Select the "KLM Roster" calendar from your klm4u account in MyFlightInfo. To add your klm4u calendars, goto your iphone/ipad settings->calendar->accounts->new account->google (Agenda->Accounts->Nieuwe account) and synchronize the calendars.

Escape Room

Questionnaire Trainer

The questionnaire trainer is an app for iPad to help KLM pilots prepare for their proficiency check. You can find the app on the Apple AppStore.

ICA Chronos

An easier way to find trips to request for KLM crew at https://jdenuijl.com/chronos. You’ll need to log in with your klm4u.com account.


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